About Us

Founded in Dallas, Texas by Jane Gow, a former child refugee herself, Be Kinder Coffee Project is driven by their mission to serve up incredible coffee that fuels your day and reignites your senses, while creating meaningful jobs and educational opportunities for refugees committed to creating a better life for their family and chasing their own Dream.

Phase 1, 2 and 3 will be online offering coffee beans, coffee equipment and merchandise.

Our coffee cart, kiosk, and storefront location will be announce early next year. Read our newsletter or check the website for updates.

The Be Kinder Coffee Project believes that in a world of chaos, the best thing you can be is kind – and true kindness is only found in loving your neighbor, helping those in need, and practicing unselfish acts of compassion whenever possible. 

The Be Kinder Coffee Project believes that kindness is more than a quality – it is a calling.  Through delicious coffee, sustainable practices, and a commitment to helping others, we believe everyone can make a lasting difference in the world simply by choosing to be kind. Kindness is the first step to dismantling systems of oppression.