Our Program

BeKinder coffee is a nonprofit organization that provides job opportunities, training, and education to refugees and asylees who participate in our program.

Job Program

Orientation - meet with the employee, review the service plan, determine salary and goals.

Barista training - BKC will pay for the training and training time.

On the job training - the employee will learn all aspects of the business.

Management training - If the employee is promoted to the manager position, BKC will provide management training.

Employment Skill training - BKC will help with training in other areas after 12 months.

Education and Training Program

BeKinder Scholarship:

BKC will award college scholarships to employees or family member that meet the following requirements:

  • Financial need
  • Academic achievement
  • Personal essay

The budget, application, and further requirements will be provided at a later date.

Mentorship/Training Program: 

  • Music program
  • New job skills
  • Certifications


Community Engagement Program

This program is designed to help everyone with special focus on refugees on discussion and workshop to help with culture differences, inclusion and traumas.